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About Ethical Food

The Local Food Company sells only ethical food products.  By "ethical food" we mean:

 food with low food miles - The Local Food Company have a unique selling point - we are at the heart of an area with over 3,000 food and drink producers, more than anywhere else in the UK.  This means we can offer a wider diversity of British products to you.  Great food is all on our doorstep too so you won't buy shopping with fewer food miles anywhere else in the UK even when it is delivered to you! An average weekly shop purchased from us and delivered to Scotland every week for a month will have less associated carbon emissions than one average Sunday dinner! 

 food with a low carbon footprint -   Further all our road mileage for collections and deliveries and our business footprint is carbon offset!  

  food that's based upon high animal welfare standards - our butcher and ourselves know the farmers who raise the animals.  We share childminders and drink together in local pubs.  We know and trust them - you trust us.  We have an ethical sign up which you can read more about in our ethical policy (see link at bottom of page); watch out for suppliers who have signed up for the ethical criteria.

food that's based upon sustainable farming methods.  Here in Devon, many producers are small and use traditional and sustainable methods.  We have a higher percentage of organic land than anywhere else in the country.  Westcountry farmers care for the land and supporting them is good news for our environment.  Much of the food we sell is grown or reared traditionally to organic standards though not always certified.

We trade fairly with our suppliers.  We pay on time, pay market prices and place no restrictions upon any of our suppliers.  We value people and businesses individually.

Food that is not over packaged and where resources are not wasted. It goes without saying we reduce, reuse and recyle everything possible.  We reuse supplier boxes wherever possible to reduce landfill and resource use.

At The Local Food Company we believe in a fair deal for our customers, our suppliers, the environment, animals and indeed for ourselves.  This is what "ethical food" means to us. 

With Local Food Company produce, you can relax with the peace of mind that it is fairly traded and fairly produced and yet won't cost the earth.  

Expensive food is not always ethical but good food should never be cheap.  Beware if it is!  Large Supermarkets are moving towards ethical shopping; ask your local farmers about how they are currently treated and add up food miles in the store to make your own mind up.

"Share everything, play fair, clean up your own mess and when you go out into the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands and stick together."  From Robert Fulghum All I really need to know I learnt in Kindergarten.  It's what we try to live by in our business - partnering with our suppliers and taking care with the environment.  The result - great food that won't cost the earth.



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