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When you are not homeWhen you are not home

Must I be home?
You do not have to be home for deliveries.  Simply leave a courier instruction in the notes box after selecting your delivery date of where to leave your parcel.

Will it be cold?
Everything is packaged to stay chilled and guaranteed to remain below recommended temperatures for at least 8 hours after delivery.  All of our orders are always packed expecting you to be out and are guaranteed to arrive below recommended temperatures.  We have electronically probe monitored and tested all combinations of ice packs in different sized boxes to ensure food is kept chilled.  We recommend that you are home to accept frozen items delivered from our own drivers.  For courier orders eat any "already frozen" food as if chilled.
Will it be safe?

We cannot take responsibility for the security of an order once it has been delivered and left our drivers according to your instructions.  Please make sure it's a spot nicely tucked away from view.  If it is raining leave a waterproof covering for us to put your order under.  A shaded area is obviously preferable.  

“Hippo” ( supply large, self locking boxes which you can secure to your garden wall, floor or other static place.  You can then have all your deliveries from any company placed securely inside.  Please mention our company when you buy.
Where will you leave my box?
After booking your delivery day, you will be offered a text box to leave any instructions for the drivers.  If we have problems, we will try to leave with a neighbour, in a safe, dry place and leave a card.  If you do not want us to leave your package without a signature please let us know in the final box after booking delivery. 

Remember the chilled part of your national delivery order is guaranteed by us for 36 hours from dispatch (national deliveries and 8 for our own drivers) allowing you enough time to collect on the evening of delivery even in unforeseen circumstances were you to miss a delivery or forget to leave an alternative instruction. 

Outside of this window, perishable items will be replaced if delivery is held up through fault of ourselves or our couriers. 

You can always use a work address if you are unsure.


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