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Tell me what food is seasonal now
Not sure of food seasons in today's climate? Our guide tells you all you need to know!
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Free range chicken and produce
BRITAIN LOVES CHICKEN! Really loves it... The average Brit eats almost 25kg of chicken a year.
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Cut your own herbs and cut costs
Our simple advice should save you a small fortune if you love using fresh herbs in cooking as much as we do.
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Children and Young People's Diets
Dr Mary Rudolf, a community pediatrician from Leeds, discovered that a massive 14% of children studied of Primary School age were obese.
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All about cider
A passion for cider has existed for centuries. In 1708, J. Philips, the English poet, wrote an epic style poem, (spanning two volumes!), called Cyder. He elevates cider to glorious heights and enthuses that only the best apples should be used,. . . thy Press with purest Juice Shall flow . .
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20 things to do to cut your carbon footprint
This week EU scientists have published their report concluding that the world’s poorest are set for yet more suffering. Take action today and don’t believe the lie that small changes will not make differences – it just needs more people to make these changes!
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Local or Organic?
There has been much talk in the press of late about the topics of local food and organic food, often in a context of local-v-organic. There are of course no easy answers, though local, organic food is clearly the best of both worlds.
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Why support local shops?
Today, more than £76 billion is spent on groceries and more than 80% goes to the Supermarkets.
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Organic Food Sales Grow - why?
Over the past four years, demand for "ethical food" has led to a 62% rise in sales. Mintel said a third of people they questionned bought Fairtrade products "where available" whilst 40% bought free-range where ever they could. One in 3 said they believed it was good to buy Fairtrade, organic or free-range
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The cost to the environment of moving food around
If people bought and consumed more local and more organic produce and if their journeys to and from food shops were made on a bus, by bike or on foot rather than in a car, there would be more than £4bn in environmental savings to the British economy.
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Local Food - what do people really think?
A lot of us aren’t sure where our food comes from: 47% of people don't know where the food they buy is produced.
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Organic on a budget
A 2002 US study of 39 two to five year olds showed children on a conventional diet had 84% more pesticides in their urine than those eating mainly organic. When converting, pesticide residues fell quickly. Donna Air says "Good food is the next best thing after love to give a child". We agree
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Pesticide guide - save money and eat healthy
There is growing consensus in the scientific community that small doses of pesticides and other chemicals can adversely affect people, especially during vulnerable periods of fetal development and childhood when exposures can have long lasting effects
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Seasonal Recipes
A recipe for every month of the year!
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English Wine - find out more
Perhaps you still think of English wine as a bit of a joke or maybe you think the only good wine is good, French wine. We want to tempt you to try English wine and give it a chance.
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Thinking of a Wedding or Party Cheese Cake?
At The Local Food Company we specialise in West Country produce and we are able to arrange delivery of some of the UK's best cheeses for your special occassion or wedding day
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Juicing Recipes
Delicious, quick and easy juicing ideas to get you started
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How is cheese made?
Most people probably know that cheese comes from milk but how does it get from a liquid to a solid that tastes so nice?
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10 reasons to buy local/regional Devonshire food
With our organic vegetables or at a farmer's market, most local produce has been picked in teh last 24 hours. Our locally sourced food arrives on your table ripe, fresh, and with its full flavor, unlike supermarket food that may have been picked weeks or months before.
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Isn't Local and Organic Food too expensive
By far the biggest gripe you hear out there regarding organic and/or local food is the price: too high. Every time I encounter that complaint though, I try to remind folks that the price you see at the supermarket is absolutely not the actual price you pay.
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  • Cut your own herbs and cut costs... [more]
  • Children and Young People's Diets... [more]

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