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Organic Food Sales Grow - why?

Over the past four years, demand for "ethical food" has led to a 62% rise in sales.  Mintel said a third of people they questionned bought Fairtrade products "where available" whilst 40% bought free-range where ever they could.  One in 3 said they believed it was good to buy Fairtrade, organic or free-range. 

Despite the additional costs of buying "ethical food", it seems that the British public are moving away from using price as the main reason to buy.  Why?

One reason is that we want to stay healthier and organic food has to be healthier if it's not sprayed with chemicals.  Those on the lowest incomes are buying organic too because they are realising it is the best way of getting the max from their diet.  Researchers from Atlanta found that when children switched to an organic diet, the levels of pesticide residues in their bodies quickly declined. 

Secondly we want a fairer deal for farmers throughout the world and we know fairly traded products are the only way of guaranteeing this pretty much.

Thirdly organic food is bursting with flavour. In a taste test carried out by the Good Housekeeping Institute, organic foods fared better than non-organic in nine out of 11 categories. (Taste tester, Good Housekeeping, June 2004)

Why does it taste better?  The difference could be because organic farmers aim to put their animals under less stress and feed them as natural a diet as possible. Both organic fruit and vegetables tend to grow more slowly (because artificial fertilisers are banned) and have a lower water content than non-organic varieties. So organic food really has a flavour to savour.

"In my opinion good organic food is always healthier for you – it’s food with a sparkle". Jamie Oliver concludes.

Do you want us to stock any particular new lines.  Whilst we want to source regionally wherever possible, let us know if you have products to recommend or favourites you love and think others will too.


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