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Thinking of a Wedding or Party Cheese Cake?

At The Local Food Company we specialise in West Country produce and we are able to arrange delivery of some of the UK's best cheeses for your special occassion or wedding day.   Our wedding cheese cakes use mostly or exclusively fine cheese from Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset.  Offering excellent value and high impact, cheese cakes are a perfect addition, indeed centre piece, to any event. Most wedding cheese cakes come in at around £1.30-£2.00 per head offering a really cost effective alternative to traditional wedding cakes.

With each wedding cheese cake we take into consideration the number of guests and your personal taste in cheese though we do recommend several standard options which are tried and tested by cheese experts and a chef as offering good taste and appearance as well as being guaranteed not to sink into each other.

Should you wish to have something unique, the starting point will be the number of guests your wish to cater for – this will determine whether a 3, 4 or 5 tiered cake is required and if any additional cheeses on the side may be needed.  Each tier varies from 180g to 6 kg so a tiny cake could potentially be for as few as 25 people or we can design mulitple cakes for as many guests as you wish - a large cake on its own could cater for 200 guests and for exceptionally large events we can suggest two cakes.

Your next decision to be made is the sorts and types of cheeses you wish to use.  You will want to have a hard cheddar, a blue, a soft white cheese and preferably a goat's cheese.  You might have a colour theme which you even want to try to bring in, either with the cheeses or the decorations.  We have included a full description of our cheeses in the dairy section of our site as well as some tried out cakes which are very popular.

Having decided on the cheeses you want, we then need to consider how to incorporate these into the tiers.  Hard cheeses need to be on the bottom and sufficient diameter when cut (each dairy has its own cuts) to hold attractively the upper tiers.  Our tops are usually a camembert topped with a delicious Devon goat's cheese.  Bries and soft cheeses do not generally stand up to having heavy cheeses sat on them.   We do however provide additional cheeses (perhaps a larger brie), to be served when the cake has been cut and portioned up. 

The next question is how you wish to decorate your cake. After discussions, your cheese has been ordered and paid for we can email you a large selection of photographs of decorated cakes to give you ideas which you can print and take to your florist so she can decorate on the day when he or she decorates your reception room.  If the cheese is to be decorated and stored in the chill room, wrap any flower stalks in cling film that will be touching the cheeses and leave as much decoration until the last minute - perhaps just tie on the ribbons etc and leave the cake in 2 parts (bottom 2 tiers and top 3 for example) to avoid too much weight for a long period.

We agree and finalise the order with plenty of time (if you are short of time, give us a call and we will see what is available for you).  Then we tell you to stop worrying about your cake.  A week or so before your wedding or party on your agreed day your cheeses will be delivered (by us up to 30 miles) or by courier in specially insulated boxes.  We don't mind you calling us if you're nervous - we did the same the week before our wedding with our suppliers.   Likewise a call to us when your cheeses arive with you, is welcomed so we can also wish you well.

After delivery, you will need to keep your cheeses refrigerated and take out of refrigeration to decorate as close as possible to the time your guests will arrive.  If you're opted for any unpasteurised cheeses or non-vegetarian ones you will need to label these at the table as the sick, young, elderly and pregnant women should not eat unpasteurised cheeses.

We recommend the cake is decorated in situ with fresh fruit bought locally and put in place just before the cake is required.  Ivy looks great as do baby tomatoes, figs, kiwi and grapes as well as greenery and flowers to match the wedding or party.  White roses of various types all look fantastic! 

You will also need to remind the party venue to provide a good large cheese knife (one military wedding couple used a sword!) to cut the cake with but if they do not have a suitably large one, we have a number available for hire or purchase.  You will also need to ensure you have a suitable cake base - either a piece of sawn, sanded and sealed piece of tree (get a wood mill to do this) and use a round, foiled base cut exactly to size of largest cheese to rest the cheeses on or a traditional cake stand.

By using the experts, your cheese cake is guaranteed to become a talking point at your party and be a fond memory.  You can also complement your wedding cheese cake with our impressive range of home made preserves and chutneys including the delightful "chilli jam" the original from South Devon Chilli Farm.

Please talk to us about any individual selections as you will want to ensure that your cheeses compliment your meal, your wines and one another.  Whist we might not know everything ourselves we know several cheese and wine experts who do so please feel free to call or email us your initial ideas if you do want to individualise your cake.

Frequently asked questions

Will the hotel mind if they are doing the catering?
Please check before hand with your caterers that they will allow you to provide your own cake.  It is best to do this when you first look for a venue as they are likely to be more accommodating before you have booked!  Check refrigeration facilities so that the cheese can be delivered direct to them on the Wednesday or Thursday before the wedding.  If this is not possible we will deliver to your home or the hotel in a chill box enabling you to keep cheeses chilled with frozen pads which you will need to rotate with new frozen ones. 

How much cheese do I need?
We normally recommend 100g of cheese per person (3.5oz) which means in theory that if you have 100 guests you will need a 10kg cake – and so on! Some guests will not eat any cheese (14% of people do not eat cheese) but other guests will eat much more than 100g so from our experience of providing cheeseboards for large functions please allow 100g per person to be sure you have sufficient quantities.  You could need less if you are having a large meal and a traditional cake as well.  Some people like to order more to ensure an impressive cake and use for their evening event as a cheeseboard with crusty breads.  Some let their favourite guests and helpers take away left overs at the end of the night too and blue cheeses can be frozen too.

How do you make the cake look impressive?
The easiest and more modern way is known as ‘the American style’ and cheeses are simply stacked on each other although it may be an idea to put a circle of greaseproof or cardboard between each.  You can also use stands, pillars etc.  You can purchase these from You can strengthen the pillars with wooden dowles and discs.

You also will need help selecting cheeses of different diameters from someone who knows the cheeses or your cake can end up looking like a chimney stack. 

We also sell beautiful hand made chutneys to go with your cheesecake which help to make the experience a truly rustic, Westcountry one.

Find someone artistic to garnish it in an attractive manner will make the cake wonderful. We can of course provide fruit but you are best to buy this locally.  Flowers look excellent as does foliage.  Remove all wrappings before decoration.  Descriptions of the cheeses (taken from our site) on cards to match your wedding stationary adds to the provenance of your cheese.

How much notice do I need to give?
Planning a cake takes time.  We usually need a minimum of a month if we need to discuss your requirements at length.   Goat’s cheese is very seasonal and the dairy runs out regularly every week (depends on when goats are in season) so though we can do short notice cakes, for a wedding, we like to ensure we have stock in our fridges for a week or so prior to the wedding and let the cheeses mature on site with us to ensure availability of crucial layers. 

How do I order?
You can either pay in full or provide a 50% deposit when you place an order either online or after communicating by email or phone.  We will take this from your card, by cheque or by BACs.  We need the cheeses you would like (or at least the main ones), customer address, delivery address, telephone number and credit card details at this point.

You will need to settle the bill at least 14 days before dispatch if you pay a deposit.  To make a firm order please go to the wedding cake section of our internet shop and order online. You can select a tried a tested cake or purchase the components to make a custom cake.  As some people have ordered well in advance of their special day, if there is any significant changes in prices for cheese you will be notified and any balance added to your bill.

If for any reason you wish to cancel your order, we will refund any amounts less £25 for the time taken to provide advice, order any cheese etc.  If your cancellation is less than 2 weeks from the wedding, you will lose your refund and be required to pay for any cheeses already stocked.  If this happens you have the cheeses in stock delivered but will of course have to pay full price for those.  We will be very fair.

What if I've been let down and need a short notice cheese? 
Once or twice we have a very upset bride call us at the last minute having been to collect a cake from another company, butcher, deli or supermarket and been let down.  This is very distressing when cheeses have arrived in semi-circles, not ripe enough and therefore tasteless or have simply missed tiers because a cheese is, for good reason, a special order and made to order weeks in advance.  Cheeses are sometimes cut incorrectly and therefore the whole cake leans.  All our cakes have been tried and tested and work; the dairies and suppliers and ourselves have experience of the cakes we sell.  We will help if we can but there is often little we can do at very short notice.  In an emergecy, call 07984 442747 to get a direct line to one of the "Head Cheeses" Dionne. 

What's the best way to discuss a cake?
As we run a full range of services, our best method of communication giving us time to give your requirements with thought is by email.  Keep pressing reply when we respond so we have a full record of discussions in each email and put your surname followed by wedding cake in the subject box.  Send emails to We will respond within a few days.  It it helpful to put wedding date at the top of the email so we know how urgent something is.  Planning a cake can take around 1 week with emails passing back and forth, as a minimum. 

Please note that in November and December and the Summer months we are very busy and may take longer to respond.

We have to use round cheeses so this rules out wedge shaped cheeses though these can be added to the cheese board if they are "must haves".  We do not recommend fruit flavoured cheeses as they warm, get wet, leak and spoil the look of the other cheeses but again they can be used on the cheese board as extras.  We have included a lot of information for each cheese in the dairy section of our site but we have included some specific information on some other cheeses.

We can supply 4 lots of 1/16ths of Quicke's Cheddars from Devon which slot together to form a strong base.  Such a cheese would always be used as the base of any large cake.

1st grade STILTON (Leicestershire)
A whole cheese weighs 9kg and is 22cm in height. We can supply a third (3kg).  The diameter is 21cm.

DEVON OKE: (Devon)
A whole cheese weighs 5kg and is 12cm in height. We split these in half (2.5kg). The diameter is 20cm. This is a medium strength, buttery, plain farmhouse cheese and would be a suitable middle tier for a cake.

One of favourite cheeses of all time.  It's got a brown outer and is mild and creamy.  Suitable for a middle.  1 kg

A variety of sizes available.  This is a delicious creamy cheddar and is covered in black wax.  The Dairy also do a yellow waxed meldon ale with mustard truckle.

A stronger blue cheese wrapped in gold foil.  THe cheese comes in two semis which fit together.  Quite a tall blue that's 3 kg so mostly for those who really love blue cheese or wish to keep to a Devon theme.

Weight: 3.3kg. This is a cream-enriched Brie which means that it is quite firm and can be used as the bottom tier of a smaller cake.  West Country bries would not be suitable for bases. 

CAMBOZOLA: (Italian)
Weight: 2.3kg. Height: 5cm. Diameter: 24cm.  A mild blue Brie, quite useful near the bottom of a cake but obvioulsy not West Country.

Weight: 2kg. Height: 4 cm. Diameter: 25cm. The Single Gloucester has a pale yellow interior; the Double Gloucester has an orange interior. Both have a crusty rind. Can be used as a base for a smaller cake.

CORNISH YARG (Cornish Lyner Dairy)
Weight: 3kg. Height: 6cm. Diameter: 25cm. This is a firm but mild cheese (similar in flavour to a Caerphilly) and is coated with nettle leaves. Quite a popular cheese to use instead of the Gloucesters above as it is so attractive.

Weight: 2 kg. Height: 8cm. Diameter: 19cm. A popular cheese for cakes – it even looks like a traditional cake as it has a white rind which resembles icing!

MENALLACK: (Cornwall)
Weight: 2kg. Height: 7cm. Diameter: 18cm.  It’s similar to a small traditional mature Cheddar and so is ideal for a smaller cake.

We can also supply small individual cheeses for the very top of the cake. These are generally less than 10cm in diameter and weigh from 200g to 350g. Examples are  Camembert or our Vulscombe or Capricorn Goat's cheeses.   


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